05 3 / 2014

Sometimes movies are just trifles that leave zero impression. Gothic & Lolita Psycho is one of them.

The great flood of low-rent Japanese exploitation movies with cute girls and lots of gore seems never ending. Some movies are good (Mutant Girls Squad, Machine Girl), but most of them are just bad in a schlocky sort of way. Gothic & Lolita Psycho is one of those, a post-Kill Bill revenge flick that steals from everywhere in some of the poorest ways possible but manages to be just manic enough to…

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04 3 / 2014

Thoughts on the Chilean comedy GLORIA, and presenting older women honestly in film.

This Chilean finding-herself slice of life comedy is one of those small, quiet movies that should be way more popular than it undoubtedly is going to be. It’s a movie about someone living in a desperate place in life trying to find any sort of meaningful connection to others to justify all the rest of it. That’s all of us all the time everywhere, but in this instance it’s Gloria, a middle-aged…

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03 3 / 2014

Seeing PSYCHO for the first time after years of being a movie nerd made watching it a weird experience.

It took me until I was 28 to see Hitchcock’s Psycho. Because of that, it’s hard to write about, because I see it now having seen thousands of other movies, many of which were inspired by this one. It’s not a bad thing to catch up on canon films, to be sure, but its hard when a movie is as ubiquitous and over-discussed as Psycho is. Watching it was the most ‘cultural vegetables’ experience I think…

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11 2 / 2014

Considering The Lego Movie’s message in the context of art vs product.

I’m really torn on The Lego Moviefor one reason, which I’ll just spell out because I’m pretty sure everyone is going to see this anyway and so this is just a final parting thought. I really like that the movie is about this idea of denying toys as toys in…

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10 2 / 2014

A short run down of the Oscar nominated animated shorts with thoughts and links!

So this is a weirder thing to talk about, because short films are hard to ‘review’ if you can even call what I do anymore reviewing in a formal sense. Instead I just want to talk about each piece briefly, and let that be that. If this isn’t playing in…

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09 2 / 2014

Strong words about the MAN OF STEEL, a movie as stupid as it is boring.

I’ll be brief, because there isn’t that much to talk about: Man of Steel is brutal and empty and depressingly bland. This shouldn’t be surprising, because Zack Snyder has made his career on making movies like this. I suppose I should feel lucky that there…

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29 1 / 2014

The World’s End: a disappointing combination of juvenile back-slapping and bullshit. A huge disappointment.

There are few things worse than disappointing movies, especially when they come from beloved directors. Edgar Wright’s final entry in his unofficial trilogy is one of those films, a movie that endeavors to both be a fitting ending to two of the best…

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20 1 / 2014

A revisit to 21 JUMP STREET leaves me feeling mostly upset about the assumptions comedy keeps making.

Revisiting this movie, I’m struck by a couple of things. First off, I think it’s mostly very funny, though like most movies with a weird gimmick the setup until they get to the point (them in high school in this instance) is pretty clunky. It’s also a…

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14 1 / 2014

NO MORE EXCUSES: an absurdist look at the slippery slope of the sexual revolution.

The movies of Robert Downey Sr. are all surreal and uncomfortable, and No More Excuses settles into that groove from the very beginning. It’s five stories: one, about the assassination of President Garfield; two, a civil war soldier finds himself in the…

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13 1 / 2014

Some thoughts about HER, mostly in how it applies to the world of today.

The most incredible thing about Her is that it feels so inevitable and so unremarkable. The story of a man who begins to develop a relationship with a new, intelligent and learning operating system, Her is science fiction that goes out of its way to…

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