25 6 / 2012

My weekly Criterion Collection series today takes off with Easy Rider.

Of all the movies in Criterion’s BBS Productions box set, this was the one I found most initially intimidating. It’s a classic, but I’ve never come across a person who wasn’t alive at the time who finds it really hard to approach and appreciate on its own terms. It’s become a historical relic first and a film second, or even third.

I suppose that has a lot to say about its influence, and that of the culture it came on the cusp of, that the world it represents is essentially totally gone now, a thing we can only look back on through movies like this to try to decipher. 1969 doesn’t sound initially like it’s that far away, but Easy Rider makes it feel like a gulf so wide it’s hard to even discern the other side from where we stand now.

Either way, please check out the full article, linked here.

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